In The Spotlight: Val Cale

Val Cale: Ouzo Dreams single review

The Blues are back with a bang – and a few shots of Greek spirit alongside.

Founded in early 2015, Leeds based quartet Val Cale have today (27th June 2016) released a promising debut single in the form of Ouzo Dreams.

Ouzo Dreams allows us to sink back, relax and drift away into  head rocking, foot tapping musings of anticipation for what is to follow from this slick, exciting outfit. In a desperation to impress, countless new bands attempt to cram as many different sounds into a debut devoid of identity to show off everything each individual member can produce.

Not Val Cale though; this band has a concise, serene, Pink Floydesque sound with more than enough differences to simply be deemed a throwback to the Prog Rock era of the late sixties. Each member appears to sychronise wonderfully with each other to forge a more modern sounding spin on a typically psychedelic sound.


The single begins in full flow with the atmospheric, jazzy riffs from Lister, Smith and Dufrene combining succinctly with the subtle beats eminating from Hamer’s drums to immediately drift the listeners off into their own Ouzo dream. Lister’s vocals kick in around the half minute mark suiting the Val Cale sound immensely whilst guiding the listeners through the serene environment detailed within the lyrics.

Ouzo Dreams is definitely worth a listen, preferably within the confines of a comfortable wingback chair with favoured spirit in hand; one of the Futuresound 2015 finalists have arrived, and won’t be leaving anyone disappointed. We wait with baited breath for the first album release.


Twitter: @ValCale

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