Yīnyuán hóngxiàn

I saw you standing alone, in the door,

yet I did naught but stare with awe.

Eyes glistened like water as they met those of mine,

hair like the morning sun, how brightly it shines.

Your petals brushed together in the autumn wind,

as you noticed my stare they curled and they grinned.

Your smile so sweet made my cheeks burn,

I knew then and there, you’re the one which I yearn.

The string round my wrist began to turn red,

I followed its path, we were attached by a thread.

Destiny dictates you and I should meet,

betrothal to you would make my life complete.

The engine of your soul, it beats like no other,

my spirit felt crushed, as you belonged to another.

An outlaw for you, I’d become my dear,

Steal you away – my objective is clear.

I plucked you away, we saw stars cross that night,

with interlocked fingers, you’d become mine outright.

Our lips pressed together it made me feel sure,

Standing alone is something we’ll experience no more.

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