Lush Cosmetics Review #1 – Big Blue!

I am addicted to LUSH products.


For those who are not familiar with the company or its policies, Lush are a cosmetics brand that produce face masks, moisturisers, perfumes, body scrubs, lip balms and even toothpaste.

Although most people are usually introduced to the company through its positive word of mouth for its colourful and fun bath products. What I love most about Lush, aside from the gorgeous smelling bubble bars, are the ethnics it strongly abides by. The heart of the company’s philosophy provides the freshest and most natural items with all products being handmade and 100% vegetarian friendly. They only source their ingredients from suppliers that check off against their huge and specific criteria, featuring workers fair pay, organic environments, minimum air freight, packaging materials used, controlled factory waste and no genetic modification. All Lush products are sold with 100% recyclable packaging, with their infamous ‘Fight Animal Testing‘ branded to their paper bags. Charity is another key element to Lush. Last year alone in the UK, they raised £1.6 million for small charities, campaigns and organisations working in the areas of environment, animal protection and human rights – whilst globally, they donated £6.3 million. So overall, a purchase from Lush not only promises a lavish bathing experience or silky smooth skin from their lotions and potions, but it also benefits so many others in need. Their signature ‘Charity Pot’ body lotion sees the customer’s entire paid amount (minus the taxes) go directly to good causes – not many other brands have such generosity in place. Giving truly never felt so good.


With brand history and statistics aside, I would highly recommend a visit to your local store wherever possible. New products sweep in constantly so there is always something fresh for your eyes (and nose) to gawk at. Particularly during festive periods, such as Halloween or Christmas, for their seasonal ranges are to die for. Each month I purchase a haul of bath bombs and bubble bars with the intention of testing them all out. And on this sweet smelling journey, I decided to review each product so for those curious about the experiences of each ballistic. There is an honest breakdown regarding the appearance, the scent, the added extras such as popping candy, glitter and even jelly rose petals. I will highlight the pros and cons of each product and offer a slice of my opinion. Considering each and every individual enjoys different scents and textures, some of my feelings may clash with other minds. And may I add I am not an employee of the company, past or present and I am not endorsed by Lush in any way (although I wish I was!)

Big Blue

Big Blue is where my unhealthy obsession for bath bombs originated from. It was the first bomb I had ever tried after coming recommended by a friend and ex-employee of Lush. I desired something close to the beach, for my inner water-baby missed the experience of the ocean. He sold it to me fairly effortlessly as he described how it contained coarse sea salt and a plentiful amount of seaweed that floats around in the tub. And it certainly delivered. The scent is heavenly refreshing and strong. The smell remained on my skin for a few days after bathing, which was pleasant. It also doubled up as a brilliant air freshener in the bathroom – each time I opened the door, my senses were bombarded by its splendid citrus goodness. One of the other noticeable features enjoyed from this particular bath bomb was the length of time fizzing. Unlike some of the others, Big Blue is a bomb that takes its time whizzing around the bath, painting the hot water in its vivid shade of sky blue. The cherry on top of the cake for me though was the arame seaweed. It works as the perfect ingredient for super soft skin for it includes many detoxifying minerals including calcium, copper, magnesium, iron, zinc and iodine. All of which are highly beneficial to hair and skin. Whilst splashing about, living my Ariel fantasy, I could not resist capturing the drifting strands and rubbing it against myself. After my first use of Big Blue, I honestly could not stop stroking my arms and legs for how smooth they felt. Only thing to note is that there is a clean-up required after draining the tub, as a build-up of seaweed tends to clog around the plughole and a few stray strands of seaweed stick around the edges. But that has never been a reason to put me off. If you are new to Lush or are curious about bath bombs, I would strongly suggest trying Big Blue for yourself. As one of my go-to bath products, I am rarely without a Big Blue at home and I tend to add a handful crumble of the Brightside bubble bar for full mermaid realness.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Coarse Sea Salt, Fine Sea Salt, Perfume, Arame Seaweed , Lemon Oil, Lavender Oil, Seaweed Absolute, Eugenol, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool, Colour 42090, Colour 19140


Appearance – 3/5
It is big and blue, exactly what it says on the tin. Frosted white head with keen strands of seaweed making an appearance. Pretty and recognizable.

Scent – 5/5
Strong and splendid, a citrus dream blended with bottled ocean air.

Extra Features? Yes – 5/5
Floating Seaweed that gives a genuine seaside feel to the bathroom. Great ascetically, even greater on the skin.

Overall Score – 5/5

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