Death To Life; Love

“Where the hell have you been?!” He roared, pushing past her into the apartment.
“You need to leave…” She mumbled her head down low.
“No. You stood me up last night. You’ve been ignoring my texts and calls. And everyone keeps telling me they’ve seen you with some strange guy when you were meant to be with me! I deserve answers. I’m your boyfriend.” Hayden yelled.
Ashley stepped back, scared and upset, but the only thing she could say was a plea to make him leave.

“No! Wait. He’s here isn’t he? Where is he? Come on Ash, where the hell is he?” Hayden lost his temper, angry, confused and upset. He had a thousand questions, and no answers. He was crazily in love, and afraid to lose the girl who had his heart.
Ashley moved in front of Hayden as he stepped over to the bedroom.
“Don’t. You don’t want to go in there,” Ashley cried, tears running down her face. Hayden laughed coldly, unable to believe Ashley’s actions. How the hell could she act like the victim when I was the one who got hurt, by her. Bu her! The one who was meant to love me the most. The one a mother always warned her son of, because they never wanted to lose their children to another woman, let alone the pain when she leaves.

Hayden shoved passed Ashley and opened to door, storming in. But he had not come prepared, and expected something else. Instead of the usual set up, Ashley’s bed and wardrobe with walls draped in paintings and posters, there was a white space that never ended, a void filled with people Hayden use to know. People that had left. People that had passed on and died. As he searched every face for their expressions, a flash back from their funerals came to his mind. All the tears shed, the goodbyes said, and the suffering of loss. And how they were in front of him, acting like everything was fine and normal. Hayden was frozen to the ground, being drawn deeper into a trance.
“I’m so sorry…” Ashley cried, coming into his view. She tilted his chin up, forcing him to break stare with the ground.
“What…why? How? This can’t be right…” Hayden stumbled, lost, confused, and upset.
Ashley shook her head, “I don’t expect you to understand. Not one bit. I just hope you’ll accept it, the truth that is… I’m sorry. It’ll be okay though, they’re only here because it’s my time to cross over, and join them. So go.”
Hayden stared at Ashley, “No. No! You’re alive. They’re dead. You can’t just… what… No… Ash no…”
“Go, don’t turn back. Shut the door behind you and don’t open it again. Call whoever, but please, don’t look again,” Ashley begged, pushing him out of the room. Before Hayden could protest, she slammed the door behind him and with a click the door locked. Hayden began banging on the door, and screaming Ashley’s name. The thought of losing Ash was unbearable. Knowing what was lying on the other side of the door, Hayden began kicking at the door harder. Maybe if I’m a second ahead of death, I can save her. Be with her. Love her.

With a final kick, the door flew open. In the middle of the room, Ashley floated. Her body limp and cold, her face expressionless. Hayden ran to her immediately and untied the rope. Ashley’s body hit the floor, and Hayden fell to his feet. He lifted her head, felling for a pulse and listening for a hear beat. Nothing. He placed his ear near her mouth and nose, but there was still nothing. Hayden began giving her CPR as tears ran fiercely down his face. Her neck was bruise and bleeding from the rope.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t quick enough, but that he was too late. He couldn’t have known when she’d do it. He couldn’t have known that she wanted to. What he should have known, was that death could not be out run. Death came when it was called. And loving people to life, is impossible.

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