The Villain of Love; The Hero of Pain

“Why do you do it? Why do you kill? Why must you be the villain?!” Screamed Hero. Surrounded by nothing, Hero and Villain sat across from each other at a table.
“Because without destruction, there would be no peace,” Villain stated.
“You speak in riddles and with a twisted mind. Without destruction, there would be only peace.”
“Nobody would know what peace is without pain. Like nobody would know what love is without hate. And nobody would know what happiness is without sadness,” Villain answered.

Hero stared blankly at Villain, not wanting to show her how he truly felt. But under the pressure, his mask slipped off.
“I lost someone because of you. They’re dead. Gone! Just like that!”
“I’m sorry, but I do what must be done.”
“No. You don’t. You could have killed a pedophile. A murderer. An abuser. Even a thief! Anyone, but a good soul,” Hero cried.
Villain laughed, not from joy but sadness. Hero could not possibly understand Villains motives, her intentions.
Hero slammed his fists on the table.
“Define good,” Villain spoke calmly, raising an eyebrow.
“Good is good. It’s caring about others, helping others. It’s being nice and sweet. Its making sure others are okay and looking out for them. It’s not having any bad intentions, not harming or hurting anyone-”
“Does that include themselves?” Villain interrupted.
“No. Yes. What…?” Hero stammered, stuck feeling broken by emotions.
“Nobody is good. Open your eyes. See the world as it is. Everyone tries to hurt everyone at some point. Nobody gives crap about themselves or others. Everyone’s in it for themselves. It’s all about pain. It’s what they thrive off. Toss a little war and drama into their life, and everyone one will rush into it. They’re damned to be bad. We’re all bad. Even you. I merely just take the blame for it.” Villain explained.
“I’m not bad! I’m the hero. The one who helps and save others!” Hero interjected.
“Pity you can’t save yourself,” Villain replied, lifting Hero’s sleeves up. Villain knew of the cuts, the scars. How not only were they on his wrists, but his chest and legs; how he’d spend hours punching and bruising, burning and scarring.
“You’re no hero. You can’t save someone else if you haven’t saved yourself. People call me a Villain because in a painful way, I help. You need to be hurt to heal, you need to lose yourself to find yourself. You need to live in chaos to find peace. You need to hate to love. You need to bleed to breathe. You need to live on the edge, to be ever so close to death, to love and accept life. To stop surviving and start living. I hurt others for their own good. So stop helping them. Let them have their own pain. Let them grow with it.”
“Let them die? I couldn’t.”
“Their pain builds them, and destroys you.”
“I’d rather destroy myself trying to save them, then watch them die to the same I lost myself to.”
“Find yourself first, then let me know if you still feel the same way.”
“I hate you, you know that? I freaking hate you,” the hero screamed, not understanding why so many people had to hurt.
“And I love you. One day, I hope you see that. I hope that you’ll understand why I do the things I do. I hope that one day, you’ll love me too. But until then, stop for a moment and look around, and just breathe.”

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