Peace In Death: Meant To Go

There was a silent sob on the end of the phone. The operator stated their officers would be there soon. In a wet mess on the floor, a mother held her daughter closely. She begged and cried, sobbing into the lifeless body of her child, longing for her eyes to flutter open, her hand to reach out, for life to return. Blue and red lights flashed down the street, but it was too late. The bath tub was stained red, the girl’s last breath long since elapsed. The mother had already been scarred for life and Death? Death had already arrived, tailed by Life.

“It’s a beautiful tragedy,” Death commented, watching the scene unfold.
“How can you just sit there and watch? Won’t you give the dear soul another chance at life? Don’t take her soul just yet,” Life insisted.
Death shook its head, “I don’t expect you to understand sweet child. All you do is create more beings. I could let this girls life continue, but, it’ll cost another life; make another impact on someone else’s. If I give her another chance, in a year she’ll stumble across a man who will touch without permission, force her into ‘love’. Then she’ll live on to do the same to others, hardwired into believing its fine. She will cause destruction within the lives of others, ruin their innocence and, in the end, she’ll kill herself again. Except this time, she’s hurt many. Right now her soul is pure. Hurt, but pure. She’s innocent and caring, but someone else’s twisted mind will change that in the future, turn her into pure evil. So, should I still give her that chance?”
Life looked at her, shaking its head.
“Not every soul is the same. Not every person that is about to die and instead lives, will do harm to others,” Life mumbled.
“Maybe, but, I’ve got to make a choice. She decided it was her time. And it was. If she wants to go, she’ll go. Anyone one who decides that, always, always, says they couldn’t have been stopped, that nothing could change their minds; that they were meant to die, that they don’t have another purpose.”
“But they do,” Life butted in.
Death nodded, picking up the girls letter as they began reading.
“Yeah, they do have a purpose, a meaning. But if they want to go, they’ll find a way to leave. So why put up a battle with a lost soul when they give up, when they can no longer find themselves or see light within the darkness?”
“Because, if they can find the light, it’s possible… They could continue” Life argued.
The girl’s ghost appeared a few feet away, she was drenched and shaking. Death opened his arms and held the girl as she cried into his chest.
“I am their light.”
“Then what am I?” asked Life.
“Their darkness,” Death answered.
“But I gave them life.”
“And I gave them peace.”

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