Farm That Dolla! The path to unlimited money in Pokémon Sword & Shield!

Typically, once beating the main storyline, there is very little point in stockpiling your Pokédollars; sure, you can save up and splurge out on some trendy new clothes from the boutiques but usually the only currency which really matters during the aftergame is BP. So why would Sword and Shield be any different?

Well, a stat’s EV cap appears to have altered significantly, only allowing you to throw a maximum of 252 EVs into a single stat – this means giving a Pokémon 26 HP Ups will provide it with 252 EVs in HP, rather than 255 – no more wasted EVs! Simply giving Pokémon the relevant vitamins has become a viably quick and tireless method of training for a standard 252/252/4 spread.


The vitamins don’t come cheap though; with each costing $10,000, fully EV training a single Pokémon can cost a whopping $530,000! Sure, you can roam around the wild area, collecting valuable treasures from the ground or max raids, but what if I told you there’s a surefire way to raise enough cash to splurge on all the vitamins in the Galar Region which takes a maximum of fifteen minutes each time you want to farm?

Just keep in mind – you’ll need to have completed the main story to utilise this technique. Got all that? Let’s get to work!

STEP ONE: Obtain your Gigantamax Meowth!


Until 15th January 2020 Meowth, with the ability to Gigantamax into the longest of long kitties, are being distributed through mystery gift! Simply connect to your wifi, hit the menu button, select Mystery Gift and punch ‘Get via Internet’ to set off on your journey to unlimited riches! Make sure your internet connection is strong enough to ensure it won’t drop out mid transfer, otherwise you’ll miss out on your Meowth forever! … Or until someone is kind enough to trade you one…

STEP TWO: Obtain a money boosting hold item


There are two possible options for this step, the Amulet Coin or the Luck Incense.

The Amulet Coin can be found to the East of Motostoke, behind the sign in front of Galar Mine No. 2 in the Motostoke Outskirts. (oh.. and don’t miss the bottle of PP Up sitting in front of the rock to the left of the sign either…)

Amulet Coin Location Pic

The Luck Incense can be bought at one of the stalls in Hulbury for $11,000… sometimes you’ve got to spend money to make money!

Luck Incense Pic

STEP THREE: Fly to Wyndon Stadium


Once you reach Wyndon Stadium it’s time to take part in the tournament! Set Meowth to the front of your party and ensure it’s a high enough level to survive at least three turns in Gigantamax form and carries a powerful Normal Type attack. When Gigantamaxed, Meowth’s Normal type attacks turn into G-Max Gold Rush, a super-charged version of Pay Day which, if used the maximum of three times in one battle, gives you an extra $99,999! If Meowth is holding the Amulet Coin or Luck Incense, the amount of prize money earned after victory is also significantly increased!


There are three battles in total during the tournament. If your Pokémon are of a sufficiently high level, the entire tournament should only take a maximum of fifteen minutes to complete – even less if you turn off battle animations.

You also get the opportunity to invite a challenger to the tournament; make sure you steer clear of selecting the Ghost type trainer Allister as you won’t be able to utilise G-Max Gold Rush against his squad.

G-Max Farm

In total, you will earn $99,999 per battle from G-Max Gold Rush and an average of $19,000 in prize money from each opponent giving you upwards of $356,997 each tournament or $1,070,991 from an hour of farming!

Need some help getting past steps one and two? Keep your eyes peeled over on our Facebook page where one lucky winner will be receiving the below Gigantamax Meowth!

Meowth Summary Picture


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