Player Presser #2 – Daniel Tapp

Welcome Back to our Player Presser series! Today, we were given the time to chat with a Regional Championship winner, the creator of our Malmö Regional Championships team and friend Daniel Tapp – AKA ProFluffyVGC.

If you would like the opportunity to be the next subject of our Player Presser series, reach out to us over at Facebook by following this link!

GP: When did you first get into Pokémon (first game etc)?

250px-Blue_EN_boxartDT: I started playing back in the first generation; Blue was my first game.

GP: What was your earliest memory of Pokémon Blue?

DT: My earliest memory is probably losing to the Elite Four. My team only had one Pokémon at level 70, one at around level 30 and a level 17 Butterfree…

GP: Favourite Pokémon?

DT: Butterfree

GP: How did you get involved in competitive Pokémon?250px-Orange_Islands_Butterfree

DT: I started learning about the ins and outs during the third generation on Ruby & Sapphire but my first tournament wasn’t until 2009 at Seattle Regionals.

GP: Do you remember your first team?

DT: Shuckle, Rhyperior, Bronzong, Marowak, Hippowdon… I think the sixth would have been Forretress

GP: What was your first event like? How did you do?

ce5f0f62e38c2ab8191f42051ae415bbDT: It was a lottery event if I remember correctly, no official sign ups – your name had to be drawn out just to be able to participate. If I remember correctly it was 5 rounds and I ended up winning the whole thing!

GP: Tell me about the Regional Finals?

DT: It was my first time facing Dark Void but I managed to pull through and hit my opponents Snorlax with a critical hit!

GP: What keeps you coming back and competing?

DT: Honestly, it’s just the thrill of competing whilst seeing old friends and making new ones. My kids play competitively now as well!

GP: And finally, what are your plans for the future in competitive Pokémon?

DT: Next year we plan on going to Nationals and Worlds along with one of our local Regionals; I’m going to try to qualify for worlds and help my kids to as well!

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