The free training and breeding service for all Pokémon trainers!

Welcome to the GoldenrodPress Daycare! We have noticed an abundance of websites which charge Pokémon players ridiculous amounts of money to trade hacked battle ready Pokémon to their games.

But what do you get when you cross players who enjoy breeding with a website dedicated to serve the competitive Pokémon community? That’s right, completely free, hand bred, battle ready Pokémon!

We understand not everyone has enough time to personally breed each and every Pokémon they wish to test with online, or use in a live tournament which is where we come in!

Services we offer

  • Breeding
  • Supplying Battle Items
  • EV Training both newly bred or your own Pokémon
  • Bottle Capping and Training your own deposited Pokémon

*Please Note: We are BREEDING and TRAINING these Pokémon, we will not be using any external hacking tools. As a result, we cannot guarantee your desired Gender or Pokéball. Nor can we guarantee shiny Pokémon*

How To Request Pokémon

Step One: Open Pokémon Showdown


Here you can build the desired spread you think will catapult you to the top of the BattleStadium Ladder! Simply pick your Pokémon, item, ability, moveset and EVs and hit the Export button to bring up a paste of your newly created set!

Step Two: Follow/Like our Facebook Page and Message us your request!


This will be the only “cost” to request your battle ready Pokémon! Liking our Facebook page shows your support; please keep in mind, liking the page then disliking once receiving your Pokémon will earn you a place on our blacklist permanently. Don’t worry, there will be added benefits to keeping us on your follow list, this will be explained in the rules section!

All requests must be sent via a Facebook message and we will aim to trade you your Pokémon within 24 hours! If you are looking for us to bottle cap and train one of your own Pokémon, start your message with *BOTTLECAP* and we will arrange your trade.


  • Your first request can only be for one Pokémon
  • Subsequent requests can be for up to Six Pokémon
  • Once your Pokémon are ready, you will receive a message to arrange a trade. If you do not respond to this message within eight hours, or miss your arranged trade, your requested Pokémon will be given away to our Facebook followers!
  • If you request a Pokémon without following us on Facebook, your request will be ignored
  • If you unfollow our page after receiving a Pokémon, you will be permanently blacklisted
  • We cannot guarantee your requested gender for hidden ability Pokémon
  • If you would like a specific Pokéball, you must provide us with a Pokémon of the same species with the ball of your choice
  • This is a breeding service. As such, we will not be able to provide Ditto or Legendary Pokémon and cannot guarantee Shiny Pokémon requests. Sporadically, we will conduct giveaways on Facebook for these Pokémon.

Optional Extras

This is a completely free service, however if you wish for us to breed a shiny Pokémon or supply a 6IV ditto, so you can breed your own battle ready Pokémon slightly quicker, this will be much more time consuming; therefore we will require a donation to spend this additional time breeding your desired shiny Pokémon.

However, anyone who donates will receive access to the GoldenrodPress discord channel! Benefits include:

  • Team building assistance & testing
  • Direct input into future GoldenrodPress articles
  • Ability to battle me on stream
  • Unlimited requests for the daycare service
  • First refusal on unclaimed daycare requests

You can donate using the button below


And that covers just about everything! We look forward to getting your Pokémon completely battle ready!


One thought on “The free training and breeding service for all Pokémon trainers!

  1. Amazing service, with incredibly quick turnaround time. If anyone thinks that this is too good to be true, I can tell you from experience that they get you battle ready Pokemon within hours. I can’t speak highly enough about the team at GoldenrodPress!

    Liked by 1 person

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