Manchester City 1-3 Olympique Lyonnais: Five Things We Learnt.

Well Blues, how do we even begin to dissect yet another utterly frustrating evening in Europe? At least we don’t have to endure the embarrassment of being mauled by Bayern Munich in the Semi Finals…

Fernandinho’s time has been and gone


Playing in his preferred holding midfield role, Fernandinho was arguably our most important player during our last two title winning seasons, however the arrival of Rodri and the departure of Kompany, with no replacement brought in, has seen Fernandinho forced to fill in at the heart of our defence throughout this season. Saturday night’s showing against Lyon highlighted all the reasons he hasn’t been a success in this position – a lack of pace, ineffectual in the air and no positional awareness to cover either of the aforementioned gaps  in his game. Whilst he was praised (well, at least by those of us with blue tinted specs) for his “tactical fouls” whilst playing in midfield, continuing to make these cynical challenges in and around the penalty area this season has made me question whether these were “tactical fouls” or just an inability to make a clean challenge.

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The free training and breeding service for all Pokémon trainers!

Welcome to the GoldenrodPress Daycare! We have noticed an abundance of websites which charge Pokémon players ridiculous amounts of money to trade hacked battle ready Pokémon to their games.

But what do you get when you cross players who enjoy breeding with a website dedicated to serve the competitive Pokémon community? That’s right, completely free, hand bred, battle ready Pokémon!

We understand not everyone has enough time to personally breed each and every Pokémon they wish to test with online, or use in a live tournament which is where we come in!

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Ladder Legends #4 – 0.null.0

Welcome to our fourth installment of Ladder Legends! In this article series we take a look at teams used in the higher echelons of the Pokémon Showdown ladder for VGC 2020! As always, whilst we’ll stick as close to the original team’s items and move sets, our featured teams won’t contain the exact EV spreads of the originals; instead, we’ll provide sample spreads so you can copy & paste your way to the top of the ladder and tweak as you go!

Your fourth Ladder Legend is 0.null.0 who took a very offensive version of Milotic into the mid 1700’s on the ladder!

null ladder rating

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Shining In the Sun – Espeon’s Meta Breaking Adventure!

Espeon has been my favourite Pokémon ever since its debut in Pokémon Gold & Silver – back in those days leaks surrounding new Pokémon titles were far from common making a completely blind first playthrough very possible. Not knowing Eevee had acquired two new evolutions, you can imagine my surprise at eight years old watching my Eevee randomly evolve into a psychic cat of destruction!

At least once every format I attempt to make my favourite Pokémon viable; ironically 2016, in a format full of big, scary cover legendary Pokémon, was the last time Espeon displayed it’s potential in competitive play with its ability to bounce back Dark Voids from Smeargle and Trick Xerneas’ Power Herb away. Naturally, I took full advantage of this surprise viability by featuring Espeon in my 2016 nationals team and that, I thought, would be it for this fabulous Pink creature…

That is, until, the new Dynamax feature was unveiled for VGC 20 which promised to be a mechanic in which all Pokémon would be given a chance to shine in competitive play. How could I resist giving Espeon another shot at the realms of competitive play?

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