In The Spotlight: Introduction


Welcome to brand new section of this blog, ‘In The Spotlight’!

This category of articles will become the home of feature pieces regarding new musical artists which I believe deserve the spotlight thrust upon them!

If you’re an aspiring musician – or an already established band – who wishes to have a piece written about them, fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you promptly!
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More Verlisify drama? Surely not!

If you were to ask participants – “What is your favourite aspect of VGC tournaments?” The overwhelming majority would answer “the community” or “the social aspect”. Pokémon, competitive or otherwise, has always been designed to bring people together; whether it be simply the person next to you, via a link cable/local wireless, or – in the modern day – people from across the globe, with different backgrounds, creeds and cultures. The Pokémon community as a whole has a great togetherness, a togetherness which is sadly being disrupted by recent ‘drama’ videos.
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