Pokémon Analysis 17 – Pheromosa!

If you look up the term ‘Glass Cannon’ in the dictionary, I’m almost certain you’ll find a picture of UB-02 Beauty staring right back at you! In a VGC meta where bulk is typically favoured over sheer offensive prowess, how does Pheromosa fit in within VGC 17?
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Pokémon Analysis 16 – Kommo-o!

Since the addition of fairy types in Generation Six, Dragon types have seen a little less competitive play. In fact, barring Garchomp (which often is run without a Dragon type attack), there’s not a single Dragon in the top 30 most used Pokémon on Battlespot. Garchomp is the most used among all the dragon types legal in VGC 17, but today, we are focusing on a Pokemon that hasn’t seen much usage of late. Feast your eyes on The Scaly Pokemon: Kommo-o!

*Feature art was created by Yggdrassal – check out more of their work by following this link!*
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Pokémon Analysis 14 – Dhelmise!

Trick Room setters in VGC 17 are something we’ve heavily explored during this analysis series, but what about Pokémon who thrive under the twisted dimensions? With the Tapus running rampant alonside high speed threats like Kartana & Pheromosa it’s essential, whilst teambuilding, to think of ways to combat these threats. What if we showed you a Trick Room sweeper, lurking in the ocean depths waiting to rise up and unleash it’s potential? Interested? You should be. Introducing Dhelmise!

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Pokémon Analysis 13: PorygonZ!

Everybody knows about Porygon2 right? With Trick Room playing a major part in the VGC 17 meta, P2’s access to Eviolite and reliable recovery has turned it into, arguably, the best Trick Room setter in the format. But what about its almost forgotten evolution, Porygon Z?

In the earlier stages of the Meta, Sejun Park used a Choice Scarf Porygon-Z on his team, which offered reliable offensive support and coverage. However, with the introduction of Z moves in Gen 7, Porygon-Z certainly lives up to the Z in its name by having access to the moves Conversion, which raises each stat by one stage when turned into Z Conversion, and Hyper Beam, which delivers a destructive base 200 blow to unfortunate recipients.

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