Duel Links Deck Preview #1: Silent Spellbooks!

New year, new series! We have published articles about Yu-Gi-Oh!’s TCG before, but never about the mobile app with over 10 MILLION downloads – Duel Links!

Duel Links is a game I’ve been playing on and off for the past two years. The game has progressively turned from occasional pick up, duel and put down to full blown obsession culminating in achieving a first King of Games rank in mid December. So what better way to kick start an analysis series than by discussing my most successful deck to date – introducing Silent Spellbooks!

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Archetype Analysis 2: Prehistoric Kings!

Hello, welcome back to the Dragons den! I am your host SinDragonLord and I’m coming at you with another Meta Analysis with the True King Dinosaur deck. Back in April of this year the dinosaur structure deck hit the stores, giving us so much support to make the deck viable for the first time in Yu-Gi-Oh! history. The True Kings, who are basically the cousins of the True Draco’s, (which we went over in the last analysis) synergises beautifully with the Dinosaur archetype; the way these two engines flow is like poetry in motion. This is the deck i took to my last two events. Without any further ado, lets get into this. Unlike the True Draco this is very much a combo oriented deck, once again we will be going over the Key cards in the deck to analyze its function and what it’s trying to accomplish.

*Feature art is by DeviantArt’s ParryDox*

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Archetype Analysis 1: True Draco, True King!

Hello Duelists! My name is SinDragonLord, and I will be posting Yu-Gi-Oh! related content here on ChaoticEspeon.com! For those of you who play competitive Yu-Gi-Oh!, the entire landscape of the game is going to change and with it meta relevant Decks are also going to shift. Due to the new link mechanic, we are getting 2 new zones above the now “Main Monster Zone” called the “Extra Deck” Monster zone. Both players have access to one of the extra deck monster zones, outside of mutually linking your way to both zones but I’ll explain that in another post. In this analysis series, I’m going to be talking about a series of decks which, I believe, will thrive in this new Yu-Gi-Oh! format.

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