A Bolt from the Prehistoric Past – Malmö VGC 2020 Regional Championship Team Report

This past weekend I travelled to Malmö via Copenhagen to participate in Malmö’s Regional Championship event for the third time in four years; accompanied by Ayleigh & Helen, I was able to couple this up as a week’s holiday to explore both of these beautiful cities before focusing on the tournament ahead.

With the recent changes to the VGC ruleset, legalising new Pokémon such as Incineroar and Venusaur, I was left unsure of what sort of team I would be bringing to the event and it wouldn’t be until the Wednesday before the tournament that my decision would finally be made. 

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Player Presser #1 – Johan Huang

The quiet space of Tournament Center’s creators lounge at Malmö’s Regional Championships gave me the opportunity to catch up with an old friend and fellow VGC player Johan Huang!

Johan is based in Sweden and, as well as competing, hosts local Premier Challenge tournaments in the city of Malmö to support the rapidly evolving competitive scene in Sweden!

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Ladder Legends #1 – NatillasWarrior

Welcome to our first installment of Ladder Legends! In this article series we’ll be taking a look at teams used in the higher echelons of the Pokémon Showdown ladder for VGC 2020! Whilst we’ll stick as close to the original team’s items and move sets, our featured teams won’t contain the exact EV spreads of the originals; instead, we’ll provide sample spreads so you can copy & paste your way to the top of the ladder and tweak as you go!

Our first featured Ladder Legend is Spanish player NatillasWarrior who was found lurking around the 1700s mark with Vanilluxe & friends and currently stands with a rating of 1776 & sits 161st on Showdown’s VGC 2020 ladder!


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VGC 19 Analysis #1 – Xerneas

Yep, we’re back doing VGC analysis articles! Guess what else is gracing VGC players with their presence again… that’s right, the uber legends have returned to competitive play! So what better way is there to kick start the return of our Analysis series than talking about one of the ubers you’re going to be seeing all season long? Enter, the God Deer, Xerneas!

Now, we’re not going to be attempting to redefine Xerneas at all with any zany Specs, Scarf or Big Berry sets. Whilst they could all have their niche, there’s literally no point in handicapping one of your two restricted picks; all the following sets are going to utilise Xerneas’ Power Herb, Geomancy set.

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Pokémon Showdown Live One: Facebook 1000 likes stream!

This is, believe it or not, my first Pokémon Showdown Facebook stream! It’s been a long time coming.

In this little ladder run we use one of the teams featured in my Birmingham Regional Top 32 article , the old Gavin Michaels Trick Room team and a version of Ashton Cox’s LATAM Internationals winning team!

*Feature art was found through Google, linking back to this website!*
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