Pokémon Analysis 13: PorygonZ!

Everybody knows about Porygon2 right? With Trick Room playing a major part in the VGC 17 meta, P2’s access to Eviolite and reliable recovery has turned it into, arguably, the best Trick Room setter in the format. But what about its almost forgotten evolution, Porygon Z?

In the earlier stages of the Meta, Sejun Park used a Choice Scarf Porygon-Z on his team, which offered reliable offensive support and coverage. However, with the introduction of Z moves in Gen 7, Porygon-Z certainly lives up to the Z in its name by having access to the moves Conversion, which raises each stat by one stage when turned into Z Conversion, and Hyper Beam, which delivers a destructive base 200 blow to unfortunate recipients.

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Pokémon Analysis 12 – Doggo on the Beach!

Following on from our in depth analysis on the Sun duo we move on to a relatively unexplored weather archetype in VGC 17, Sand!

In the past sand has had a fairly good amount of usage in VGC, mainly through the use of a (usually) scarfed Tyranitar partnered with the Sand Rush abusing Excadrill, creating an incredibly fast duo capable of dispensing vast amounts of damage – and flinches – with powerful Rock, Ground, Steel and Dark type attacks. Sadly, Tyranitar isn’t available this season; however Generation 7 granted Gigalith the ability to set sandstorms on switching in.

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Pokémon Analysis 11 – Lilligant/Torkoal (Sun!)

Throughout most VGC seasons, weather tends to be a fairly common archetype for players to construct a team around. VGC 17 is no different in this regard with Sand, Sun, Rain and even Hail getting some degree of usage in major tournaments; in the next few analysis articles we’ll be looking at the best way to utilise the different weathers in your team, starting with sun!
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Pokémon Analysis 10 – Hariyama!

So far in our analysis series, we’ve looked at a few more ‘gimmicky’ options for your teams which have seen little to no success throughout the history of VGC, the same certainly can’t be said about the gigantic (seriously, who knew he’s 7’07”???) Sumo Wrestler. Hariyama has a wealth of history in VGC, having a spot on Ray Rizzo’s winning team at the 2010 world championships and having been used by many renowned players; but can Hariyama find a place in 2017?
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