Pokémon Analysis 15 – Battlin’ in The Rain!

Oh Gamefreak, you were very, VERY kind to Pelipper during its migration to Alola. No longer can the Hoenn native pelican (oops… sorry… duck) be regarded as your typical early trash bird, it now rivals Politoed for the highly coveted title of ChaoticEspeon’s best Drizzle user!

Both of VGC 17’s Drizzle users function in completely different ways; Pelipper, primarily, is used alongside Swift Swim Golduck to overwhelm opponents offensively, whilst Politoed is the more defensive option, protecting its team mates from opposing Fire attacks whilst disrupting with moves like Encore and Perish Song.

But of course, you’re not here for our classy introductions, you’re here for some snazzy spreads. Lets get started…

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