Pokémon Analysis – Trick Room Setter 1: Mimikyu!

Regardless of the format, Trick Room has always been a prevalent feature of the VGC meta games; the ability to create a scenario where the Pokémon with the slowest speed stats on the field become the quickest opens the door for many Pokémon which wouldn’t usually see the light of day in competitive play. With the discovery of many new, slow Pokémon in Alola, Trick Room is just much of a threat as it has been in recent seasons with many Pokémon able to abuse Trick Room and a fairly wide variety of Trick Room setters.

These next few Pokémon analysis articles will focus on a few potential setters ranging from the obvious to the obscure with sets and spreads to trial, so without further ado…

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Manchester Premier Challenge!

With Sun and Moon only a couple of months away, the beginning of the VGC 2017 circuit started this past weekend with Premier Challenges taking place across the UK. Despite very little playing and preparation time, I decided to dust off the ring rust and participate in Manchester!
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A weekend of Fifa 17? Thanks Brazil…

Since the 2010/11 installment, Fifa has been my go to Football game; almost exclusively due to the online game mode Ultimate Team. The aim? Well, as the title suggests, to build your ‘Ultimate Team’ of global superstars (or cheap ‘overpowered’ players) within the constraints of team chemistry to battle your way through the divisions and win as many tournaments along the way.
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