Pokémon Showdown Live One: Facebook 1000 likes stream!

This is, believe it or not, my first Pokémon Showdown Facebook stream! It’s been a long time coming.

In this little ladder run we use one of the teams featured in my Birmingham Regional Top 32 article , the old Gavin Michaels Trick Room team and a version of Ashton Cox’s LATAM Internationals winning team!

*Feature art was found through Google, linking back to this website!*
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Pokémon Analysis 20 – Tapu Lele!

Well, as we promised a Tapu Lele giveaway over on Facebook, we may as well give you a few sets to choose from! So here we go, our second Guardian analysis will focus on VGC 17’s premium Psychic type!

*Feature art was created by Deviant Art’s LoganCure*

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Pokémon Analysis 19: Tapu Koko!

I guess this was the obvious step right? After finishing our Analysis on the weather quartet, it’s about time Chaoticespeon.com moved on to another quartet which have all but dominated the VGC 17 metagame thanks to their unique ability to set Terrains on switch in! We’ll kick start our analysis on the Guardian Deities with Tapu Koko, the first Tapu to win an International Championship all the way back in Decemeber!

*Feature Image was created by DeviantArt’s Desinho*

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Megamite’s Meme Box: Pyukumuku

*DISCLAIMER* Everything inside these articles is either at the extreme edge of niche or is outright outclassed by Pokemon that can perform their role better or perform multiple given roles while outclassing them and aren’t meant to be used seriously (unless you really want to anyway). I believe Pyukumuku is outclassed by CurseLax or BD + Stockpile Lax as both can perform the “end game indestructible wincon” that Pyukumuku will almost always be performing while exerting offensive pressure against the opposing team, among other Pokemon it shares a typing with being generally more valuable.

Pyukumuku’s niche over Gastrodon and Milotic (both Water types with Recover) lies in the ability Unaware, making it a somewhat reliable wincon against any Pokemon that cannot hit it for x2 or isn’t strong enough to KO Pyukumuku with a timely critical hit. Running Unaware unfortunately means that Pyukumuku cannot be aided by Intimidate or Snarl which, while disappointing, is far outweighed by the benefits compared to Innards Out as this ability goes against the entire point of Pyukumuku – NOT to be knocked out.
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Pokémon Analysis 18 – Winter is Coming!

So here we are, we’ve made it through searing sun, relentless rain and sordid sand to arrive at our final weather analysis, only to be greeted by blistering blizzards! Phew, that’s enough alliteration for one article!

Similarly with rain, we’re spoilt for choice with weather setters. Whilst Sand and Sun only have one setter, Rain and Hail have a whopping two! Not only that but Hail has access to an exclusive move Aurora Veil – which is the equivalent of setting both a Reflect and Light Screen in one turn. That’s about it however in terms of positives; yes, you get access to a fully accurate Blizzard too but Hail as a dedicated archetype has a few glaring weaknesses. The most viable Hail setter is quicker than all other weather setters, which means you’ll have to be switching it in to guarantee setting hail; the VGC 17 legal Hail equivalent to Lilligant, Stoutland and Golduck offers much less damage output than the aforementioned trio whilst the offensive diversity between setter and sweeper is seriously lacking. That being said, Hail is an extremely fun strategy to play around with away from a tournament setting, so let’s jump into some frosty sets!

*Feature art can be found by following this link*

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