When Eevee Fainted

The first of November 2016 was a special day for us.

As cat lovers and Pokemon geeks, it made perfect sense to name the new kitten curled up in the living room Eevee. At eight weeks old, she was a tiny bundle of black fluff with big marble green eyes. At first, we were concerned that our other two cats, Mittens and Poppy (both five years old), would not be so accepting of our newest family member. I could recall very vividly how it took Mittens a long time to adjust to Poppy when bringing her home. Lots of hissing and paw slapping was expected. And so, Eevee remained curled up by my feet for the first half an hour.

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Japan’s updated VGC 17 Tier List!

Twitter user @amalgame_JP has today released an updated Tier List for Pokémon which can be used in the VGC 17 Format. Celesteela and Tapu Lele remain, as ever, in the S tier – considered to be two of the strongest Pokémon in the format whilst Eevee remains in the X tier – the wildcard of the format, utilising its unique Z move Extreme Evoboost!
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