Megamite’s Meme Box: Pyukumuku

*DISCLAIMER* Everything inside these articles is either at the extreme edge of niche or is outright outclassed by Pokemon that can perform their role better or perform multiple given roles while outclassing them and aren’t meant to be used seriously (unless you really want to anyway). I believe Pyukumuku is outclassed by CurseLax or BD + Stockpile Lax as both can perform the “end game indestructible wincon” that Pyukumuku will almost always be performing while exerting offensive pressure against the opposing team, among other Pokemon it shares a typing with being generally more valuable.

Pyukumuku’s niche over Gastrodon and Milotic (both Water types with Recover) lies in the ability Unaware, making it a somewhat reliable wincon against any Pokemon that cannot hit it for x2 or isn’t strong enough to KO Pyukumuku with a timely critical hit. Running Unaware unfortunately means that Pyukumuku cannot be aided by Intimidate or Snarl which, while disappointing, is far outweighed by the benefits compared to Innards Out as this ability goes against the entire point of Pyukumuku – NOT to be knocked out.
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