Lancaster Premier Challenge, VGC 17

On 21st January, I attended a Premier Challenge hosted by Lancaster Elites. It had only a small turnout of eight masters but the chance to gain more competitive practice in a meta game which was more than two weeks old (Europe getting the short straw with the earliest International Championship) and a chance at some CP would be invaluable, regardless of the amount of players!
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Pokémon Analysis – Trick Room Setter 4: Comfey!

For a brief moment, after discovering it has access to Trick Room, Comfey really excited me. The pure fairy typing renders it weak to only poison and steel whilst its unique ability Triage gives a +3 priority boost to HP restoring moves. It’s when you begin to look deeper into the possibility of using this Pokémon where the wheels begin to fall off the hype train; base 90 and 110 in Defence and Special Defence respectively is almost completely ruined by a pitiful base 51 HP stat, whilst its base 82 Sp Atk and fairly shallow move pool renders Comfey fairly one dimensional.
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Pokémon Analysis – Trick Room Setter 3: Keep it Slow!

Similarly to our last Trick Room setter Misdreavus, Slowking is fairly unexplored this season; however, with well rounded stats and a vast movepool, Slowking is an interesting option to set your Trick Room this season. The main selling point for Slowking comes through its ability – Oblivious – which grants an immunity to taunt, meaning the only way to prevent Slowking from setting trick room is to either use Fake Out, or knock it out in one hit.

Unfortunately, doesn’t have the ability to create a focus herb to prevent flinching; preventing you from being knocked out? Well… that’s something we can help with!
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