Electrifying Twisted Dimensions! Nox’s Second Place Wolfey Sub Server Tournament squad!

Hi, My name is Nox! I’m a longtime Pokémon fan but I’m somewhat new to VGC. I previously played Smogon singles and swapped over to VGC in January. Since then, I’ve been experimenting with a ton of fun strats! I’m active in Wolfe Glick’s subscriber Discord server, and probably my most famous team was one involving Slurpuff and Indeedee-M that Max Gelman used to make Top 16 in the recent online Champions Cup.

Wolfe’s Sub Server  recently had our first friendly tournament (we plan to host them biweekly, so maybe join?). After a not-so-great time in the Victory Road Tournament last week, I was able to top cut (going 4-2 in swiss) and eventually made it to the finals before finally losing. Anyways, I’m really happy with this team and so I wanted to share it with some of you!

*This article’s cover image was created by Inika – check out their work over on Tumblr!*

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Ladder Legends #2 – AkazaHakuji

Welcome to our next installment of Ladder Legends! In this article series we’ll be taking a look at teams used in the higher echelons of the Pokémon Showdown ladder for VGC 2020! As always, whilst we’ll stick as close to the original team’s items and move sets, our featured teams won’t contain the exact EV spreads of the originals; instead, we’ll provide sample spreads so you can copy & paste your way to the top of the ladder and tweak as you go!

Your second Ladder Legend is Akaza Hakuji who reached 1862 on the Showdown ladder using a hard Trick Room team, featuring one of the newest Pokémon able to Gigantamax in competitive play…


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Pokémon Analysis 14 – Dhelmise!

Trick Room setters in VGC 17 are something we’ve heavily explored during this analysis series, but what about Pokémon who thrive under the twisted dimensions? With the Tapus running rampant alonside high speed threats like Kartana & Pheromosa it’s essential, whilst teambuilding, to think of ways to combat these threats. What if we showed you a Trick Room sweeper, lurking in the ocean depths waiting to rise up and unleash it’s potential? Interested? You should be. Introducing Dhelmise!

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Pokémon Analysis – Trick Room Setter 6: Oranguru!

When revealed before the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon, Oranguru became almost the mascot of VGC 17; its signature move Instruct – which allows the targeted Pokémon to use the same move a second time in the same turn – decent bulk, a solid typing and access to Trick Room made it appear that Oranguru was specifically designed for use in the competitive circuit.
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