Pokémon Analysis 9 – Toucannon!

When my other half declared Toucannon an ‘amazing’ Pokémon I confess, like all of you reading this article, I mocked. Barring Talonflame (and perhaps Staraptor), the early catchable bird Pokémon from any region tends to be pretty trash. This season, Talonflame’s signature ability Gale Wings received a substantial nerf which prevents the bravest bird from running riot in the VGC 17 format. But which list of early birds will Toucannon add itself to? The usable or the trash?
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Pokémon Analysis 8 – Nihilego!

Now that we’ve (for the most part) completed our analysis of Trick Room setters, it’s time to move on to something… a little quicker than the previous 7 analysis articles. As voted for by members of Facebook’s VGC Battling Hub, analysis eight will focus on the first Ultra Beast we see during our Alolan adventures; Nihilego!
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Pokémon Analysis – Trick Room Setter 3: Keep it Slow!

Similarly to our last Trick Room setter Misdreavus, Slowking is fairly unexplored this season; however, with well rounded stats and a vast movepool, Slowking is an interesting option to set your Trick Room this season. The main selling point for Slowking comes through its ability – Oblivious – which grants an immunity to taunt, meaning the only way to prevent Slowking from setting trick room is to either use Fake Out, or knock it out in one hit.

Unfortunately, ChaoticEspeon.com doesn’t have the ability to create a focus herb to prevent flinching; preventing you from being knocked out? Well… that’s something we can help with!
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