Mario Kart 8 – Ludwig to victory!

Mario Kart 8 is – without a doubt – my favourite installment of the Mario Kart series. Visually stunning and the karts feel as fun to handle as the Gameboy Advance version with the additional depth a home console inevitably grants. This depth means a wealth of characters to choose from and my usual picks come from the Koopa family.

The heavier side of the Medium weight class feels like the most balanced in terms of stat distribution. These characters (which include Mario, Luigi and Iggy) have lower acceleration than the lighter characters but are blessed with decent handling and top speed. If you’re careful with the kart selection, the acceleration can certainly be worked around.

The Build

Part of the DLC downloads, the Blue Falcon is a kart which gives big boosts to both Speed and Acceleration. It’s not a very heavy Kart but Ludwig’s natural weight more than makes up for this drop to ensure you won’t be getting shoved off the edge of a track too easily.

leaf_tires_mk8or images
Completely down to user preference. The Leaf Tyres improve acceleration whilst the Cyber Slicks improve our overall top speed. In a Time Trial setting, improving your top speed is more desirable owing to the fact you’ll be travelling close to stop speed for the entirety of your run whereas in a race setting, with shells flying around and countless obstacles littering the tracks, more acceleration would offer you a safety net in case you find yourself being smashed around by items.

And finally, the cloud gliders. A light weight glider which improves both acceleration and handling in the air; you’ll be sacrificing a bit of speed whilst soaring across the sky though…

Online Races

All of these races can be found on my YouTube channel – ChaoticEspeonProductions

Insane Baby Park race!

Sunshine Airport!

Big Blue!

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