Archetype Analysis 2: Prehistoric Kings!

Hello, welcome back to the Dragons den! I am your host SinDragonLord and I’m coming at you with another Meta Analysis with the True King Dinosaur deck. Back in April of this year the dinosaur structure deck hit the stores, giving us so much support to make the deck viable for the first time in Yu-Gi-Oh! history. The True Kings, who are basically the cousins of the True Draco’s, (which we went over in the last analysis) synergises beautifully with the Dinosaur archetype; the way these two engines flow is like poetry in motion. This is the deck i took to my last two events. Without any further ado, lets get into this. Unlike the True Draco this is very much a combo oriented deck, once again we will be going over the Key cards in the deck to analyze its function and what it’s trying to accomplish.

*Feature art is by DeviantArt’s ParryDox*


“If this Card is destroyed by a card effect and sent to the GY: Special summon one level four or lower dinosaur monster from your deck.”

This card, and the other Baby (which we’ll be going over later), are crucial to the combo. The field spell I went over in the last post, Dragonic Diagram, flows amazingly with this and the other baby; you can destroy this card in your hand to search a true king monster from your deck then special summon a dinosaur from your deck. You can also summon this card and drop a Dark Hole for more fun combo shenanigans. Be careful though this is a mandatory effect so if you get Maxx “C” played your forced to give them at least one draw.


If this card is destroyed by a card effect and sent to the GY: Special summon one Level four or higher dinosaur from your deck, it cannot attack this turn.

Just like its brother it can be destroyed by things like Diagram, Oviraptor, The Earth True King, Dark Hole etc. & summon any level 4 or higher Dino. Although this may sound a bit more restrictive then Babycerasaurus, it can still, however, summon Dogoran the Mad Flame Kaiju from your deck which is really handy because once you’ve set up your unbreakable board you can back it up with a Kaiju, guaranteeing you’ll outnumber your opponent. Neat huh?



If this card is normal or special summoned: you can take one dinosaur type monster from your deck, and either add it to your hand or send it to the GY. You can target one level 4 or lower dinosaur monster on the field; destroy it and if you do special summon one level 4 or lower dinosaur from your GY in defense position. You can only use each effect of “Souleating Oviraptor” once per turn.

This monster is like my spirit animal. “Souleating”, I’m ginger. Get it? We have… no… souls… *groan* ANYWAY… this card is the main thing you want to be getting on the board at some point during turn one. It allows you to search your deck for any dinosaur in your deck whether it be a baby, the ultimate conductor tyranno, or your kaiju; you can also throw a baby on the field to further your combo by special summoning two monsters for the price of one. By the way, how is this guy unlimited and Stratos is still banned?! #Freemystratos!


During either players Main Phase: You can send this card from your hand to the GY, during this Main Phase dinosaur monsters you control are unaffected by your opponents activated effects. You can banish any number of dinosaur monsters in your graveyard including this card; Special summon one dinosaur monster from your deck whose Level is equal to the number of monsters banished to activate this effect, but destroy it during the end phase. You can only use this effect of “Miscellaeousaurus” once per turn.

This card is super broken. Not only does it prevent your opponent from interrupting your dinosaur oriented combos (unless they have a Solemn Warning) but it can also special summon a baby from the deck and destroy it during the End Phase, triggering its effect; or it can summon tyranno infinity for an instant 4k beater, an essential card for any Dino deck.


Cannot be normal summoned/set. Must first be special summoned by banishing two dinosaur-type monsters from your GY. Once per turn during either players Main phase: you can destroy one monster in your hand or field; change all face up monsters your opponent controls to face down defense position. This card can attack all monsters your opponent controls once each. At the start of damage step if this card attacks a defense position monster you can inflict 1000 points of damage and if you do send that defense position monster to the graveyard.”

Say hello to, frankly, the best boss monster ever released. There is literally no draw back to this behemoth. It forces your opponents entire Front line face down by destroying your babies or True King Monsters (thus triggering their effects) and then send them to the graveyard (ignoring effects that activate on destruction and flip effects) whilst then inflicting 1000 damage for each making it very easy to perform a One Turn Kill – even through an established board! For a 3500 Beater that can do all that and is easier to summon then BLS, I stand by my statement of it being the best boss monster ever released!


If this card is in your hand: You can destroy two other monsters in your hand and/or face up on your field, including an earth monster, and if you do special summon this card, and if you do that and both of the destroyed monsters were EARTH you can look through your opponents extra deck and banish 3 monsters with different names from it. If this card is destroyed by card effect: you can special summon one Non-earth Wyrm type monster from your GY. You can only use each effect of ” True King Lithosagym, The Disaster” once per turn.”

You play other True king monsters in the deck (I play 2 Water & 1 Fire) but the Earth King is the one you will be using the most. It can pop the babies in your hand or on your field to special summon itself and then you get to look at your opponents extra deck gaining knowledge of what they are playing turn one, Banish 3 different cards from it and then trigger your babies in the Graveyard to continue the combo. Since its level 9 you can make rank 9 plays which not many decks can do.

That’s all the Monsters worth going over! Now on to some Staple Spells!


All “True Draco” and “True King” monsters gain 300 attack and defense. The first time each tribute summoned “True Draco” or “True King” monster would be destroyed by battle each turn it is not destroyed. Once per turn: you can destroy one other card you control or in your hand and if you do, add one “True Draco” or “True King” card from your deck to your hand.”

Just like in the True Draco deck, this is far and away the best starter card. You can pop a baby in your hand to add a True King monster (usually Lithosagym) and then you get the baby effect to special summon; this is usually the starting point of most of your combos. If you open with either a Terraforming or Dragonic Diagram and a baby (or have a way to get a baby to your hand) your opponent is going to have a bad time!


Add one level 6 or lower dinosaur from your deck to your hand.

This is basically a Rota for the deck and you can use three of them! You can add a baby or an Oviraptor to search whatever you need.

Extra Deck Mentions:


Once per turn during either players turn: you can detatch one material from this card and declare one attribute; this turn, All face up monsters on the field become that attribute, also Monsters in your opponents Possession of the declared attribute cannot activate their effects or attack. Monsters that “True Draco” or “True King” in your hand would destroy with their effects can be chosen on your opponents field.”

This is a really strong XYZ that you can play 1-2 of. It basically shuts off your opponent for a turn they cannot activate any monster effects or attack with any of the monsters they summon which essentially guarantees you another turn. If you then activate the effect on your turn you can pop your opponents monsters to activate your true king effects instead of destroying your own.


During either players turn, when a monster(s) would be normal or special summoned or when a spell or trap is activated: you can detatch 2 xyz materials from this card; Negate the summon or activation and if you do, Destroy that card.

Basically this is SOLEMN JUDGMENT with a body which you can easily make with 2 level 4 dinosaur type monsters.


During either players turn, when a monster effect activates; You can detatch one xyz material to negate the activation, and if you do destroy that monster.

When you look at this card it seemingly pales in comparison to Laggia; however, if you look closely enough, its effect doesn’t just activate once per turn! This allows you to negate two monster effects in a turn if you so needed.


The Deck is very Explosive and Relatively Consistent. It contains plenty of two card combos which result in a really strong “Unbreakable” Board – usually utilising a Baby and a Diagram. If desired I can do some combo tutorials in the future to show the type of board you can obtain. The deck also has the ability to play defensively or straight up fo for a OTK on your opponent with relative ease making it an extremely flexible deck to play with!


Because this is a combo heavy deck, it struggles against Back row hand traps or any sort of play interruption. Also, if you make a sub par board, it’s really easy to overcome; the longer the duel goes on, the less likely this deck is to win due to it struggling in the grind game. Cards like Abyss Dweller can shut off the babies from activating thus making it really hard for the deck to combo. So, Dino players, you better make sure you have a contingency plan just in case your opponent has ANY response to what you’re doing. Dinosaurs are usually fully protected during the Main Phase, however they are extremely vulnerable during the battle phase so cards like mirror force and other battle phase tricks can hurt the deck.

Countering the sides:

As stated, the deck really struggles in the grind game so playing cards that can aid in this task (like Soul Charge for example) can turn the whole game in your favour. Going second against back row can be difficult, but Cards like Denko Sekka can completely make the back row null and void; since you don’t need your normal summon to go off its very practical to play. Cards like Miscellaneousaurus can help protect your Dinos from reactive cards during the Main Phase but that doesn’t help from Battle Phase tricks. If you open with a Denko Sekka, you won’t have to worry about the back row too much, but there is another card that I side in my build which also works wonders for handling this weakness – Anti-Magic arrows!


At the start of the Battle Phase: For the rest of this turn after this card resolves, Spell/Traps and their effects cannot be activated. Cards cannot be activated in response to this cards activation.”

This card is simply amazing, yet I see no True King Dino variants playing it, outside of myself and one of my teammates. Its a spell speed 4 spell card which acts like a trap stun, but – because it’s a spell – you can activate it the turn you draw it. This provides perfect synergy with Miscellaneousaurus. These two cards in conjunction protect you for the whole turn from opposing Spell and Trap cards!

In conclusion: once the Zoodiac archetype loses Norden in the next banlist, the dinosaur deck will be able to shine a lot brighter in the meta if the OCG is anything to follow. Losing the fusion substitute combo thus losing the ability to draw a bunch of cards will make it easier to contest against. True King Dinosaur is a really fun deck to play that i would easily recommend anyone looking to build a fun meta deck. Thanks once again for reading. If there’s sufficient interest over on our Facebook page, I’ll post a combo tutorial for this deck. Have a nice day!

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